Hiking For Better Health – 3 Great Reasons To Start Hiking Today

Hiking For higher Health - three nice Reasons to start out Hiking
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Hiking For Better Health – 3 Great Reasons To Start Hiking Today

Have you ever been traveling, looked out the window, and noticed a beautiful scenery where you couldn’t help but enjoy the view? Think about that place and imagine yourself enjoying it up close, right in the middle of all that beauty. Here are three great reasons you should not just imagine this scenario but should actually get outside and start hiking for better health today!

Simply hiking for better health would be an excellent reason to start out experiencing nature first hand. Doctors suggest walking as a staple in any exercise program. When you first begin hiking you’ll start out slow, on an even surface. As you become healthier and have more stamina you’ll then be able to incorporate little inclines on your hiking excursions. You and your body will know when you’re prepared for more difficult terrain.

People have several reasons for hiking; however, largely I believe it’s simply because we wish to experience the sweetness of the outdoors. All the “bad stuff” simply seems to disappear, if just for a short time. Others, I’m sure, would have their own individual reason for giving hiking a strive but it almost always results in an improved state of mind and better health.

Here are three reasons to give hiking for better health a try…

1. Experience Nature:

Sure you can watch National Geographic on television but the only way to truly experience nature is by getting outside. It puts you in a very active scenario and permits you to soak up natures’ beauty… air moving through the treetops; the sunshine warming your face; the texture of fresh fallen leaves crunching beneath your feet as you move through the woods. Hiking awakens all of your senses and allows you to revel at the moment.

2. Fun & Healthy Exercise:

Hiking is fun, especially after several trail excursions when you feel yourself gaining strength and balance, looking forward to more advanced terrain. This fun activity provides a steady exercise that doctors suggest for weight loss and heart problems. Walking or hiking, in contrast to jogging, won’t jar your joints or cause undue stress on your legs and back.

3. Hike To Relax:

It may seem strange that an exhilarating hike can somehow help you to relax… As you hike toward your final destination you will find all of your cares and worries seem to fade away. The trail has a way of absorbing your anxiety and freeing your mind. This sense of freedom can enlighten you providing an opportunity to step back and judge your life from a new perspective with a much more positive outlook.

Hiking is certainly beneficial as a solo activity, especially if you have been unusually stressed, but this great activity can be even more fun with friends. Attempt to enlist many friends who may appreciate this type of outdoor activity and begin preparations for your initial hiking experience. I’m certain you’ll be glad you did.

Additional Resources:

AllTrails.com is a great resource for finding the perfect trail in your area. From a leisurely walk for beginners to challenging hikes for experts, you will find the perfect trail along with easy directions directly to the trailhead.

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