How Healthy Is Your style

How Healthy Is Your style
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How Healthy Is Your style

A healthy lifestyle can prolong your life and make you feel good. But many of us put off changing our bad habits until there’s a problem. We tell ourselves that we’ll quit smoking next month or next year. That we’ll start on a diet next week. That we’ll go to the gym tomorrow. But we don’t give up the cigarettes until after the heart attack.

Habits you want to cultivate are:

  • No smoking.
  • Limited alcohol intake.
  • Eating breakfast daily.
  • Getting exercise on a regular basis.
  • Maintaining a normal weight.
  • Getting sufficient sleep every night.
  • Having friends.

Talking to your doctor about lifestyle changes can be helpful, but studies have shown that people are more likely to be honest with a computer program that evaluates lifestyles than with their doctors. These programs have demonstrated that typical adolescent and young adult lifestyles are not conducive to good health, but the problem carries through all age groups.

What you do on a daily basis now can affect you many years in the future. Don’t just think about a healthy lifestyle. Take action now.

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