Healthy Living By Body, Soul, And Spirit.

Healthy Living Body soul and spirit!
Healthy concept, Spirit, Body and Mind on blackboard

Healthy Living By Body, Soul, And Spirit

Living a healthy life isn’t always easy, but you can’t inspect living a negative life to nurture your own. It’s important that you practice a meaningful existence, both in your own lives and the lives of others.

God created us as physical beings. We were created out of the dirt of the world and given bodies, brought into life as mortal, finite beings. Our reasoning of being here is to live meaningful lives and to help others.

The main belief many share is that, in order to reward God for creating us, we must take extra care of the physical bodies we were given. This can be expressed in how we dress, eat, exercise, and even rest. When others look at us, they’ll see a well put together man or women who is mirroring the image of Christ.

It’s important to remember that God is the builder, not us. God is the one who makes things happen, we are simply the building blocks he uses to build us up. This is why we must continue to live each life of our day to our fullest because we never know exactly what God has around the corner for us.


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